Stamped Concrete - The New and Refined Uses of an Old Favourite

Bland grey concrete – that efficient sturdy material that people use when they want a strong, long lasting, inexpensive and easy to work with product – has developed over the years to become a highly decorative element with a myriad of uses.  One increasingly popular material of choice for many home design projects is stamped concrete, which can be designed to look like flagstone, Spanish tile, quarry stone and much more.  This technique, although not new, has been so well refined that you may have walked past it or over it and assumed it was real quarry stone or fired tile.

The most common variety of stamped concrete is pattern-stamped. This involves ‘stamping’ patterns into freshly laid concrete and then applying colour, weather treatment and any stain or lacquer that is needed. In days gone by a cookie cutter type tool was used to make the patterns, but nowadays rubber mat tool with a texture is used, which gives a much more authentic and aesthetically pleasing look.

Stamped concrete offers many genuine looking choices such as brick, tile, slate, cobblestone, random and in-laid fieldstone patterns as well as wood plank patterns, making it an increasing popular and economical choice for driveways, paths, patios, pool decks and entranceways.

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